How Find get Direct Referrals on the YouCan5Star

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May 07th, 2018 at 18:48
[b]How Find get Direct Referrals on the YouCan5Star[/b] [url=]For find your referrals link Click Here[/url] (Or click BANNER on the meny on the left when you LOGIN) [b]How Post your referral link Read as bilow 1-11:[/b] [b]1.Post on Social Media sites[/b] - Promoting referral links on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. - You can also promote in other sites like Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc. [b]Advertise on PTC and GPT sites[/b] - Advertising on PTC and GPT sites would ensure your referrals coming on to your site are in great numbers. - You can also invest a little amount & advertise your best PTC sites. [b]3.Traffic Exchanges Free and Paid Both[/b] - You exchange traffic with others just like you, who are also in a need to get more referrals. - You can do these free of cost as well as paying money. [b]4.Create a blog[/b] - Promoting your PTC & GPT sites through your blog is one of the best method. - You can write reviews of PTC sites or use direct banners in your blog posts or sidebars with your referral link. [b]5.Create Sign Up Offers[/b] - You can create sign up offers and get visitors to click your PTC links. - You let visitors coming to your website to click your PTC links first and only then you allow them to sign up for an offer you just created. [b]6.Chat Rooms and Forums[/b] - Chats rooms and forums are really great for new marketers who want to get more referrals. - You can join various chat rooms, forums, discussion boards etc and engage people there and bring them to click your referral links. [b]7.Uploading Videos on YouTube[/b] - You can upload videos on make money tips, extra income opportunity or other topics. Put your referral link at the end of the video & even in descriptions. - If the video is great liked by people, you can get hundreds of referrals from each every videos you upload. [b]8.Create Free Ads on Classified Sites[/b] - Classified sites are also great way to promote what you are doing. You need to create ads and let people know what you are promoting. - You create ads on these websites and refer people to click your link. [b]9. Instant Messenger[/b] - Instant Messenger is another trick to get more referrals. - You can add your blog or referral link in your instant messenger status - There are instant managers of various companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, MSN, Skype etc. [b]10. Adding PTC Link into Your Email Signature[/b] - If you have database of emails and you are sending emails to people on daily basis then you can add your PTC link into your email signature. - This would be a great way promoting your links for free. [b]11. Guest Posting[/b] - It is still effective when it comes to getting more referrals. - You write guest posts for popular sites with high Alexa ranking and give a referral link at the bottom of your post. - You will get great exposure if wrote a guest post for a popular site.
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