How To Post Proof Of Payments

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Jan 30th, 2018 at 20:33
a) How To Post Proof Of Payments 1. First of you should make a screenshot of your payment. 2. Login to you payment processor account (Alertpay or PayPal,Payza,or anather......) 3. Then open your payment details (on the paypal,payza,or anather processor) 4. Press PRTSC (ImprPant) Button on the keyboard to capture the image.(your payment) where is PRTSC Button-Look this image as bilow: [img][/img] 5. Now open the Paint from "Start menu" -> "Programs" -> "Accessories" -> "Paint". and press CTRL+V to paste the captured image of payment. Now click Click on "File" -> "Save" and save the payment in JPEG format. 6.After that, you have to upload the image. The best image hosting to upload images is Open http://www. an follow the steps below: [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [b]Important:[/b]Do not Forget to remove the [b]Reference Number or Email[/b] froom your proof screenshot (you can do this using Paint).This action is taken for security meauserements of your payment. 7.Choose Your Payment Proof (is IMAGE file you have made with PAINT) 8.File tipe ( Image) 9.Resize (default) 10.Click UPLOAD Now 11. Copy Code (is second Column) (where you see this (IMG Code Forums Message Boards) ----------------------------------------------- b)How Upload Proof of Payment On the Forum YouCan5Star 1.Click Forum 2.Click Proof of Payments 3.Click New Topic 4.Write first column ( My Payment) 4.Write Second Column (Thenks, or write what u like) 5.Click Over Link (or CTRL+L) 6.Put Url (copy and past your url of your payment (see this on the website 7.Click Over New Topic (and is Done) Admin YouCan5Star