How Rented Referrals work in YouCan5Star

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Jun 18th, 2017 at 19:37

1) How Rented Referrals work in YouCan5Star You get rented referrals, you see the daily Ads, you recycle inactives. And you do this every day, for years (at least see the required Ads to get profits, the recycling can not be daily, just frequently). To profit from your rented referrals you only need to see the Fixed advertisements, 8 with a standard membership, 8 with a Premium,Elite,Ultimate,OneStar,TwoStar,ThreeStar,FourStar,FiveStar membership. 

2) Rented referral recycling policy is currently as follows: -If a new rented referral doesn’t make a single click for 7 days, recycle it. - If a rented referral doesn’t make a click for 11 days and has less than 50 days,recycle it. -If a rented referral doesn’t make a click for 12 or more days and doesn’t have a high average, recycle it. -If the click average of a rented referral goes under 0.5,recycle it. This is an evolving strategy. 

3) So how make money from the Rented Referral system in YouCan5Star Whether you invest money or not, and whether you are a new user or a veteran one; the way to handle the rented referrals in YouCan5Star is basically the same: -Extend the rented referrals for 240 days, or 150 days as a minimum. -Have a recycling policy, and be willing to modify it if it is not working properly. This is critical. 

4) What is the starting strategy if you can not invest or if you invest only a little -Get rented referrals, only a few -See the Ads and accumulate money to extend them for a long time -If you can not extend all of them for a very long time, extend some for just 15 days and extend as many as you can for 240 days.

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