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Paid To Signup Offers Instructions:

Started by Admin Oct 07th, 2016 at 18:58
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Paid To Signup Offers Instructions:
1) Do not sign up for a program that you are already a member
of even if you do see it listed here. This is cheating
and will result in deletion of your account.
2) You need to stay member for at least 15 days or more on the site you joined.
3) So for people who don't really know how this works:
4) Click the link under the ad
5) Sign up on that particular site if you want the credits
6) Verify your account if possible
7) Copy the email that tells you that you're a MEMBER
8) Not the one which tells you you're a member at YouCan5Star
9) Not the email that tells you to click to activate your account
10) Only the one that tells that you actually are a Member!
11) Then and only then you will be credited
12) Sign-up for the site above to earn $$
13) You can only join each program only ONES,
when it will be listed again by an different advertiser you can
not join the site again!
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