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How function Payment with skrill on the youcan5star

Started by Admin Feb 16th, 2019 at 14:36
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How function Payment with skrill on the youcan5star
1) For cashout with skrill,payment is Instant (automatic)
2) For Add Funds with skrill or upgrade your account is Manual
- Login your account skrill
- Login your account skrill
- If no have one account Skrill click link as bilow:
3) How Add Funds or Upgrade your account with Payment Processor Skrill
on the website
a) When you are logged in payment processor skrill
b) Click Send Money
c) Select USD
d) Put value (exampl 5.00)
e) Put ( is account of website youcan5star)
f) Click Send Money

4) We add your money or upgrade your account for a little time.
For every problem,We help you everytime.
If have problem contact by support ticket, click link as bilow:
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