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New Payment Processor

Started by Admin Oct 27th, 2018 at 20:25
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New Payment Processor
a) If you like make request (Withdraw) your money with NETELLER
contact by support ticket (and We tell you instruktion)
b) If you like Add Funds or upgrade your membership
Account of youcan5star is as bilow:
c) If you no have one account NETELLER
click link as bilow: For Open one your account (is free)
Click here for open one account NETELLER...
d) If you have one account NETELLER see as bilow:
1.Login your account Neteller
2.Click Money Transfer
3.Click Over Send money to an email or NETELLER Account
4.Put this email (is account of website youcan5star)
5.Put Amount (between 4.9 - 4897.41 USD) exampl 5.00 USD
6. Click Continue
7. Click again continue
8.Click Send
10.Is Done
11 Support ticket We and We upgrade your account
or add your Money your Purchase Balance.
For every problem have with this payment processor
contact We by support ticket.
We help you.
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