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Advertiser and Users PTSU Rules

Started by Admin Mar 22nd, 2018 at 20:15
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Rules for Pay To Signup Offers

Pay To Signup Offers

We want to inform you that we have had problems
with the payment Pay To Signup Offers section to register, since there are many rejections,
by advertisers, and users do not do what they request,
so we want to inform you about the new rules,
for correct this problem and improve site security,
read and follow,

Advertiser PTSU rules

1) The advertiser must comply with what was promised to the members,
if we see that they reject the users who made the registration
successfully, their account will be suspended and their funds
will be lost, without being able to recover them.

2) Do not publish the payment date, the advertiser must not indicate
the payment date, because if he announces it, he must pay instantly
what was promised,

3) Do not request clix, advertisers should not request clix from users,
including duration clixes, as this decreases confidence in the completion
of the work.

4) Do not choose one or the other, that is, if all users register legally,
you should not reject them and choose between them, each registered user
has to pay them

User PTSU rules

1) Users must comply with the advertiser's request and do it well,

2) Do not write what was not agreed with the data requested after registration,
that is, after performing the registration work, you must place the requested
data to verify that, if it is okay, and not put other things out of the matter,

3) Do not cheat the advertiser; that is, if you tell the advertiser that you
registered successfully, being a lie, your account will be suspended and the
funds will be lost, without the right to recover them.

4) Do not use vpn in the registry, that is, if a user registers using vpn,
which is prohibited because it is causing problems to the advertiser in
the agreed registration site, if you try to do so your account will
be suspended and your funds will be removed without right to recover them

5) Users and advertisers, we want you to comply with the rules,
so that they have a better site and that they are safe;
if you break one of them, your account will be suspended and the funds
will be lost, with no right to recovery, if something goes wrong or
if you have a problem, contact me through a Ticket to solve the problem,
I hope you have a good day, earnings happy.
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